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Has any one heard this yet?? I heard it a while back and didnt think much about it until it really got around...... There is rumors going around that Dunn has quit VLB and will not be in the 5th and final season for he can no longer stand Novak and Bam. I do not know if it is true yet, but I just was wondering what all of your thoughts were on that?? Personally if its true I think its quite stupid... dont get me wrong I love Ryan, its just that it seems like such a petty reason to leave. It has been said that he does not like Bam hanging out with Novak for Bam tends to act different, and that Bam has grown too close of a bond with Novak and he dont like it. I mean if you ask me it seems a little like jealousy, but I dont know. I love Ryan and Novak. I just hope that this is just a stupid rumor started by some random idiot. I will find out soon and keep you all posted..... Thanks for reading.... hei hei

P.S Please dont leave no dumb ass comments telling me that Im hating on Dunn for I am not, just simplely stated my thoughts. Thanks again and hei hei......
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